Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm panicking for a few reasons.

Number one. Remember how I listened to Harry Potter on tape in the car during my road trip? Yeah, well I can't find tape number six. It's gone. I've searched my car at least sixteen times. Why? Why is it gone? I've only listened to them in the car. How could it have disappeared??

I renewed the tapes hoping it would turn up like a five dollar bill in my jeans. Oh, how lovely--there you are!

Two weeks later and it is still nowhere to be found.

Today I mustered up the courage to explain the situation to the librarian (I have this fear of mean librarians). The lady was beyond nice and encouraged me to keep looking. I asked her what the worse case scenerio would be. She typed on her computer as fast as an airline ticket counteress and said if I couldn't find it there would be a $15 fee.


Okay, so I won't be banned from this library and publicly humiliated for losing a tape? That's a good deal compared to the alternative I had going on in my mind (I really didn't want to explain to my children why we can't check out books anymore because mommy lost a tape. Followed by the question, "What's a tape, mommy?")

So I will keep looking and pray it turns up because I'm so annoyed with myself.

Reason numero dos. There are way too many books I want to be reading right now. Fellow booklovers--do you ever feel panicky about not being able to read everything you want to read? It's weird. It doesn't feel normal. Please tell me you've experienced this. And maybe tell me you've misplaced things from the library as well and it all worked out in the end :)

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  1. I'm with you. I go to the library and kind of despair that there isn't enough time to read all of it. Too many good books!