Monday, November 8, 2010

nanowrimo: day 8

So here's the weekly update.

Day 8 and no major moments of writer's block. Having an outline is tremendously helpful. I've veered off of it a couple of times, but that's okay. The outline allows me to take these creative detours and still get back on track.

Check out my stats. I kinda like this. I like knowing my average word count, and when I will finish if I keep writing at this rate, and how many words I have left, etc.

So my life in a nutshell: Still sane. Still having fun writing. Still reading Harry Potter.

My middle child asked me the other day, "You're still reading Harry Potter? When are you going to be done?" She's totally annoyed I'm not done yet. Well, it will be soon since the movie comes out next week! Squeel!! The trailers look soooo good!

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