Thursday, September 16, 2010

Georgette Heyer Audiobooks


This was fun to listen to while deep cleaning my kitchen. I find that I work better while listening to Richard Armitage say things like “rake” and “my dear delight”.

But let's face it. This man could read my phone bill and I would swoon.

From Goodreads:
In all her twenty-five years, lovely Venetia Lanyon has never been further than Harrogate. Then she meets her neighbour, Lord Damerel, and before she knows better, she is egging on a libertine whose way of life has scandalized the county for years.

Venetia has lived a sheltered life with her father and two brothers. Her father has recently died and her brother Conway is off at war. So she is left to care for their home with her younger brother Aubrey. Aubrey is about 17 and likes his sister, but really prefers reading books to people (um, yes).

She first meets Lord Damerel by accidentally trespassing on his property. Venetia meets him again after Aubrey has an accident and Damerel comes to his rescue. Venetia and Damerel become friends, much to the dismay of well, everyone. You see he's a rake! Indeed.

I don't know. It was okay. There were so many glowing reviews, but it didn't appeal to me as much. It’s essentially light-hearted fair. Something pleasant to listen to while doing the dishes or folding laundry. I think I prefer dark, Gothic romances.

I enjoyed the first half. The second half I kept waiting for more conflict. And they set up some characters only to abandon them completely. I realize this audio version is an abridgement. I wonder if this storyline was left out of the novel as well. Also, a plot point that I thought was supposed to be quite dramatic fell flat because the main character’s reaction seemed so unrealistic.


Yawn. This is nothing against Mr. Armitage's reading. He is excellent! But the story was not very interesting. Again, so many amazing reviews! Is it me?

Sylvester is a Duke who suddenly realizes it's about time to take a wife.

Phoebe Marlow is a plain, country girl who's written a novel. She'd met Sylvester once before at a ball in London. He did not make a good first impression (hmm, sounds familiar...) His behavior and pointed eyebrows (what?) inspire her to write him as a villainous character in her book.

They meet again and fail to impress each other once more. Phoebe has been told that his reason for visiting is to ask for her hand in marriage. This will not do! She must run away....blah, blah, blah.

Oh, I forgot! Her book is to be published! Oh no! He will figure out she's based her villain on him! The scandal of it all!!!

It's clear there are many Georgette Heyer fans who love her stories. Are you a fan? Am I completely out of line?

P.S. Would it be too much to ask Mr. Armitage to read Pride and Prejudice or The Count of Monte Cristo? Please…PLEASE.

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