Friday, January 28, 2011

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Reading Hale’s books are like sitting next to a warm fire wrapped in your favorite blanket drinking salted caramel hot chocolate.

It’s comfort reading.

I’ve read six of her books and I’ve found them all (with the exception of one) very satisfying.

Princess Academy has been on my shelf for awhile. Before I could pick up a copy of A Conspiracy of Kings, I read Princess Academy. I thought it would keep my head in all things royal and destiny.

It’s a charming tale of a young girl named Miri who comes from a small mountain village. She’s small and feels like she’s not contributing to the family since her father won’t let her do quarry work.

When it’s foretold that the future princess comes from Mount Eskel, they put together an academy where the girls will be sent to learn and study and prepare to meet the prince. The girls are promised that he will come to meet them and choose one of them to be his bride.

What appealed to me about this book is that its emphasis isn’t necessarily on becoming a princess, but rather the importance of education. Miri goes to the academy to learn and discover her unique gifts and strengths. At first, becoming the princess means a better life for her family. But what Miri soon discovers is that her newly acquired knowledge and self confidence is what will ultimately improve her family’s life.

I definitely recommend this one. I'd love to re-read it again with my girls.

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