Monday, July 5, 2010

Harry Who?

So, I've been challenged and re-challenged to read the Harry Potter series.

How is it possible that I have not read it yet?

I have no excuses. Except...I was in the throws of writing English papers and reading ridiculously boring books as an undergraduate when the first book came out. After school I was over reading. It took awhile for me to enjoy it again.

About a year ago a friend of mine asked me if I'd read the series. When I answered no, she looked at me as if I had committed a crime--a crime against the love of books and reading.

She then told me she wouldn't be my friend anymore if I didn't read them.

I laughed until I realized she was kind of serious. I really don't want to lose this friend...she's pretty awesome.

I'm happy to report that I started last night and I am currently on page 165.

There's no turning back now.

P.S. I think it's kind of cool I'm the only one left in the world who hasn't read it ;)


  1. ...I am speechless. I think it's against the rules to have a book blog and NOT have read them. You better remedy that real quick!

  2. Your friend is hilarious! I loved the Harry Potter series! Oliver and I read every one of them together...out loud...taking turns reading. Laugh if you will, but one night I was reading in one of the volumes and it was a very dark section of the saga. Oliver had fallen asleep and I was so absorbed in the story that I hadn't even noticed. His bedroom is in the basement and mine is up 2 additional stories. It was late and everyone had gone to bed. I woke Oli up and made him walk me upstairs because I was scared!!! I'm the Mom and he was little then! When J.K. Rowling can have me that absorbed in a book, then you know it's FANTASTIC!!!