Thursday, April 15, 2010

What are you reading?

My reading momentum came to screeching halt when I got the stomach flu followed by a "touch of pneumonia."


I had pneumonia. I don't do a "touch of pneumonia."

So I'm trying to get back into what I'm reading.

My goal is to read two books at a time.

Right now it's The Maze Runner and Emma. Could not be more different from each other, which is probably a good thing.

So far I'm only so so on The Maze Runner. I was hoping for a Hunger Games/Catching Fire experience, which really isn't fair since those books are AMAZING. If you haven't read them yet, stop reading this blog and get a copy NOW. (Note: you will significantly fall behind in your laundry!)

Emma is lovely. I'm really enjoying it. Also, I'm craving a trip to the English countryside...

So, what are you reading?

What books are piled on your night stand waiting to be read?


  1. I love Emma! I am so totally off the wagon right now. I finally made it to the library today (first time in like 2 months) and picked up The Dark is Rising and a craft book (for some reason sewing just sounds more appealing these days). I need to get back to working on my classics list though!


  2. Hey, I got "a touch of pneumonia" too! But mine was doubled up with bronchitis--no stomach flu here, thank goodness! It's pretty miserable all the same.

    You just can't EVER go wrong with Jane Austen. :)

    I've been curious about "The Maze Runner," so I am looking forward to your overall review.

    I'm currently reading the "Inkheart" trilogy. Lucy got them in her Easter basket. :) I quite liked the first one, but am having a tougher time getting into the second. Have you read them?

  3. I'm currently reading David McCullough's 1776. I'm determined to restrain myself from buy another new book before I've read 2 that are screaming my name!...Master by Toni Sorenson and I'll Be Seeing You by Jerry Borrowman. You can go to my blog to see the other books that I've read this summer. Love, Love, LOVE to read!:)
    Hannah might really enjoy reading the Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites series by Heimerdinger and Sydney would love the Junie B. Jones Series.